Celebrating 123 Years at Walker & Hall


“Celebrating 123 years” encapsulates the essence of enjoying life’s milestones in absolute splendour. As a family business, we feel humbled to be part of the celebrations of New Zealanders and visitors to our land for 123 years. We believe jewellery tells the best stories of your life, filled with the emotion and meaning of the experience itself. Reflected in quality materials and precious gemstones, each piece is also enriched with our history, expertise and integrity. At Walker & Hall, we love being there for you from the initial moment of inspiration until the piece has become a part of you and your story.


Moving forward from the understated celebrations of recent times, we are ready to take the time to create outstanding and unforgettable moments by surrounding ourselves with the vibrant connections of our loved ones. We do what we do because each time one of our pieces of jewellery is chosen, we are blessed to become part of your celebration. We invite you to celebrate with us, as our celebration is you.