Frequently Asked Questions about NorthWest

1. Where do I park for the Town Square restaurants and Maki St?

You can choose from:

Rooftop carpark: Drive up the ramps to the rooftop, where the Town Square and Maki Street are a short staircase away. This is the quickest route to the restaurants.

Main carpark: Park at the main carpark accessed from Gunton Drive and walk through the shopping centre to the restaurants. The centre is open for thoroughfare for the restaurants until 9pm.

All our carparks are brightly lit and monitored by security. Please note that the Town Square is a Council owned no-park zone and infringements are handled by Auckland Transport.

2. When are the late nights at NorthWest?

NorthWest is open from 9am – 9pm on Thursdays.

We are open 9am – 6pm on the other days.

Countdown NorthWest is open from 8am – 9pm daily, and the restaurants are open for brunch until late. View the Town Square restaurants opening hours.

Click here for public holiday hours.

3. What should I do if I have lost something at NorthWest?

Give us a call on 0508 NORTHWEST (0508 667 849) or email us with a description of what you have misplaced – if we do not have it at lost property, we will still make a record of the item so that if it is picked up at a later stage we can contact you.

4. Are there any parking restrictions in the carpark?

The NorthWest carparks has various time restrictions from 90 minutes to 3 hours – please check when you park. We have 1100 carparks, including 500 rooftop carparks and plentiful disability and parents with prams parking closer to the entrances.

We offer lift access from the rooftop carpark to the ground level of the centre – access is available inside the upper level Countdown entrance and in the middle of the rooftop carpark above Customer Service. Please come visit us at the NorthWest customer service desk if you have any queries.

5. Can I buy NorthWest Gift Cards online?

Yes! Want to have a gift card posted out to you or someone else? This makes a perfect gift for someone when you can’t make it in, or if you live in a different city. Click here to purchase our Gift Cards online.

6. Which eateries are on Uber Eats?

Goode Brothers, Casablanca,  McDonalds, Kiwi Grill, Hungry Wok, The Coffee Club and Spice Traders NorthWest are currently on Uber Eats, subject to change. For quick eats, click here for the full list of eateries at NorthWest in the foodcourt and throughout NorthWest. Click here to check out the UberEats listings.

7. Where is the ASB at NorthWest?

We have ASB, BNZ, ANZ, Westpac and TSB at NorthWest – ASB is in a corridor of the entrance before Farmers. TSB is near the main entrance next to Food Crew, and you will see Westpac, BNZ and ANZ just before and around Countdown.

8. Is there free wifi at NorthWest?

There is free wifi available throughout NorthWest Shopping Centre. To access it, join the ‘NorthWest Free Wifi’ network on your device, and accept the Terms and Conditions.

9. What are the Parents Rooms like at NorthWest?

Our Parents Rooms are a warm sanctuary for making shopping easier with little ones. Our Parents Rooms have private feeding rooms, microwaves for heating up bottles and baby food, changing stations and a little relaxation area for little ones. All caregivers with children are welcome in the Parents Rooms.

10. When is the Justice of Peace at NorthWest?

Returning from 5th May 2022, Justice of Peace is at NorthWest every Thursday from 6-8pm and Saturday from 10am-12pm.

11. How do I leave feedback, or ask a different question?

We’re here to listen and help, so please feel free to reach out through a way you’re comfortable with.

  • Private message us on Facebook
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Call us at 0508 NORTHWEST (0508 667 849)
  • Visit us at the Customer Service Desk in the middle of the shopping centre (you will see us from the main entrance) during shopping centre opening hours

We look forward to speaking with you.