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Be. Accessible Survey

NorthWest is always proud to support our community – you could say it’s our passion!  We are happy to support Be. Accessible, a social change enterprise, that aims to make NZ 100% accessible for all – and they’d love to hear your views on all things accessible!  Please take this 10 minute survey to help them capture data on the state of access in New Zealand.  There’s a $250 shopping voucher up for grabs!

Complete survey here: http://bit.ly/2s72i5z

A bit about the research:

Our Access Citizen Survey is a 10 minute online survey which sets out to capture the access experiences of a wide variety of New Zealanders.

The findings from this research will be invaluable for us. This data will provide clear, compelling evidence for government, community, and business leaders on the state of access in New Zealand. It will reveal the barriers customers and citizens face, and help leaders understand that there is much work to be done before all New Zealanders can participate fully in public life.

The survey is for everyone.

Every one of us is likely to experience an access need at some point in our lives. This might arise through ageing, an accident or illness causing temporary or permanent disability, or even parenthood – maneuvering a stroller through our world is often fairly challenging!

We might experience vision impairment or difficulty reading small print; use a wheelchair or become unable to walk easily; have hearing impairment or experience difficulty hearing in noisy places; find it hard to read and understand things; need to carry a child or maneuver a stroller; or find ourselves navigating cultural and/or language barriers.

Be. Accessible’s website here